Third TechnoScape (3TS) This conference aims to explore the concept of 3TS, embedded in the diversity of life, through the convergence of our commitments with various use-cases that will be developed here, each in its own topic, to help us understand some facets of <a href="/c/zoethics/singular-technologies">Singular Technologies</a> and situate them in a Third-Technoscape.
Symbiosis and Symbiogenesis A long time ago I really got caught by the reading of L’univers Bactériel: les nouveaux rapports de l’homme et de la nature, a French translation of Microcosmos, four billion years of evolution from our microbial ancestors *
Carto Club Critical Cartography Brussels, aka Carto Club, is the forum space and mailinglist of an informal group of persons interested in opening the way and the aesthetic of mapping.
La vía campesina This conference receives the English newsletter of La vía campesina.
Artificial Spirituality <em>(This is a wiki)</em>
Baobáxia <a href="" rel="nofollow noopener">Baobáxia</a> is a free software developed by a network of local traditional communities, called Mocambos Network, mainly based in Brazil.
Festival des ouvertures utiles La quatorzième édition du festival des ouvertures utiles, le rendez-vous inter-squat de Paris marquera les 10 ans de cette rencontre.

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Get Started with Running a Mucua [Baobáxia] (6)
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Singular Technologies & the Third-TechnoScape [Third TechnoScape (3TS)] (7)
Session du 19 février 2018 [Carto Club] (1)
Jerusalem, We Are Here [Carto Club] (1)
Anti-Eviction Mapping Project [Carto Club] (1)
Invitations and article reviews test for participation [Third TechnoScape (3TS)] (13)
"Indigenous Cartography in Lowland South America and the Caribbean" [Carto Club] (2)
Critical Flight Maps [Carto Club] (7)
Ted Byfield, book in preparation [Carto Club] (3)
Anyone at 34c3? [Cooperation] (1)
A toxic plant, mobilized villagers, and maps as a weapon for resistance [Carto Club] (1)
Under the Banyan Tree [Baobáxia] (2)
Library of Congress Obtains Mesoamerican Map from the Dawn of the Americas [Carto Club] (1)
Session du 16 octobre 2017 [Carto Club] (10)
Com-nubo [Cooperation] (1)
Gilbert Simondon, le philosophe qui sut nous anticiper [Cooperation] (1)
Session du 18 septembre 2017 [Carto Club] (9)
Free Software in Europe -- Position Paper [Cooperation] (2)
Fossil Fuel Resistance Mapping Project [Carto Club] (1)

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