Petites Singularités

QW SLOGAN : And I like winning. I want my life to be more like Mario’s in Super Mario Bros 3. DPDG <strong>On naît, on vit, on meurt. Enfin, surtout, on vit.</strong> Une farce rigolarde sur des sujets passablement terrifiants, selon une perspective unique et fondamentale, <em>et toutes les autres qui la contredisent.</em> Hacklab BXL Hacklab Brussels is located avenue Princesse Elisabeth 46 in 1030 Schaerbeek. SFYW This conference stems from <a href="">a book</a> <a class="mention" href="/u/natacha">@natacha</a> and <a class="mention" href="/u/how">@how</a> wrote during the first Devuan Docsprint in December 2016.
Petites Singularités ASBL [Petites Singularités] (2)
Neutrinet Install Party - October/Octobre 2018 [Hacklab BXL] (1)
Wednesday Salon [SFYW] (4)
LibreHosters Meeting [SFYW] (1)
10 ans de hackerspace à Bruxelles [Hacklab BXL] (2)
Ateliers d'outillage libre [Hacklab BXL] (1)
Neutrinet Install Party - September/Septembre 2018 [Hacklab BXL] (1)
Neutrinet Install Party - August/Août 2018 [Hacklab BXL] (1)
PirateBox [Hacklab BXL] (3)
Feminist game environment [QW] (4)
Software Freedom Day -- 15th of September [Hacklab BXL] (7)
Social Media Inciting Learning Experiences [SFYW] (3)
P.s.: hcklabxl [Hacklab BXL] (3)
Broken DNS [Hacklab BXL] (4)
Economie des corps [QW] (1)
Moving away from Github [SFYW] (4)
Hacking Masculinity & Dewiring the Binary System [QW] (1)
QW4 est en ligne [QW] (1)
Body data [QW] (3)
Dataviz Nathalie Magnan women free software [QW] (1)
À propos du Chthulucène et de ses espèces camarades [QW] (3)
QW at RMLL the day after [QW] (3)
The web can be weaponised – and we can't count on big tech to stop it [SFYW] (2)
Hommage à Nathalie Magnan 13-18 mars Muceum Marseille [QW] (3)
The Birth of YHWH [QW] (1)
We salute the struggle of women, in the countryside and in towns and cities : La [QW] (1)
Mozilla Internet Health Report (Prognosis) [SFYW] (2)
Actas del segundo congreso sobre los movimientos sociales y los TICs [SFYW] (1)
Petites Singularités at FOSDEM [SFYW] (5)
Understanding EUPL v1.2 [SFYW] (1)

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