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Organisation d'un atelier de 2 journées autour de la question du jeu video féministe (2)
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Hacking Masculinity & Dewiring the Binary System (1)
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Body data (3)
Dataviz Nathalie Magnan women free software (1)
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Hommage à Nathalie Magnan 13-18 mars Muceum Marseille (3)
The Birth of YHWH (1)
We salute the struggle of women, in the countryside and in towns and cities : La (1)
Wholeheartedly Wandering Will (2)
People Will (1)
Cartographic Wanders (1)
Quantify Wholeheartedly (1)
Pregnancy panopticon (1)
Failed attempts (1)
Report from the Collective Care Transmission Forms track at Relearn (4)
Atelier du non faire (4)
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How to Climb a Moutain (2)
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