Computing in/from the south call for papers


This reference might be useful also, specially the first section, they talk about feminism and recent movements in Brazil politics


Hey Ariane! We’re proofreading with @natacha :slight_smile:


Hey thx loads it looks super interesting will go through it, it would be super useful if you explains where it could be used in the text…


Cris Costa is saying that networks are giving visibility to themes that were not discussed before such as black trans and lesbian feminism, and says that femisnm is probably the issue that gained more power with the decentralization


Amazing I 100% agree with this. Do you have a moment this week, maybe we can set a chat discuss this further


I’m travelling tomorrow to join this event,
so it will be a bit difficult to meet

i’m back home after 4th of february only


I see…


Nice have a good time, lets talk when u come back…

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