Epistemic Communities WG


PUBLIC Working Group on Epistemic Communities. Reach it by email to epistemic-communities@zoethical.com.

State of the Art

We use this conference to gather scientific papers and relevant articles from the Web about epistemic communities – beyond the diplomatic understanding of the term – and how to use them for knowledge building and community-base social media that amplify community action.

When you stumble upon an interesting public article or paper, paste its URL as a new topic. Sometimes it just works, sometimes you need to edit the title to make it explicit, and maybe copy the abstract in the topic’s body. In any case, start with pasting the URL so that the link is clickable from the topic list!

This conference is a WG of PUBLIC, so only PUBLIC members can contribute new topics. But everyone can read and reply, so if you are not part of the PUBLIC group and wish to share an interesting resource, you can still propose it here.


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