Meeting sonic cartography 19/05 @TMBR


I have already planned something tonight and I’m finally not sure if I can come tomorrow if a meeting is confirmed… I had nothing planned when I responded to the doodle but now I have something in the late afternoon at the ULB. And I have to be in Jette at 20hr for a rehearsal. If there is a meeting tomorrow, it depends on where it takes place. But I’m afraid it will be tight.


Dear All

The meeting is confirmed. Yes!
We organize it tomorrow, 6pm, Paleizenstraat 65. Ku Leuven Campus Sint Lucas, Brussels.

More info + respond to your quests I can send you later this evening.
Sorry for the late reminder. But I have just finished a two week rush of expo / lecture / project.

Looking forward to meet.


Dear all
@natacha @how @celo @arianestolfi

The meeting on Sonic Cartography will take place tomorrow at 6pm (NY 12pm),

at Campus Sint Lucas, Ku Leuven, Paleizenstraat 65-67 (Architecture) 1030 Schaarbeek.

A next discussion will be organized during the Assembly of TMBR (19/05). More info soon.

Please confirm or inform us about a extra questions for contact via Skype.

Some References:

Cartographie du Bruit (BE)

The Noise Landscape

Atmosphere and Architecture in the Distributed Intelligence of Soundsystems: Glass Bead in conversation with Lee Gamble and Dhanveer Singh Brar


Thanks for contacting.

Kind Regards.



Super thanks Caroline, we’ll be there xxn.



I’m looking forward to meet you,

I’m phd researcher from Brazil in Sonology, and at the moment I’m developing inclusive tools for music making that are online based.

In case you are interested, here is the link for my last project, a player for music improvisation that works with the database

Best wishes,



Dear @arianestolfi @how @natacha

A thank you to come up here / skype with us.

Please, find here a short resume. To complete / adjust.

a next meeting is scheduled for 19/05 (Assembly of

and in the last weekend of June we organize a field session. More info later.

See you soon, or later.

Best Regards.

Caroline Claus


Transcript (because the pad won’t stay.)

Meeting Sonic Cartography

04/02 19:00

KU Leuven Campus Sint-Lucas, Brussels

With: Burak, Johann, Natacha, Ariana, Hellekin, Rob, Pacôme, Pierre and Caroline

Introduction: Who is who & Projects

Caroline Claus: PhD research (Ku Leuven) on the position of sound in urban planning – design processes. Urban Scale / Beyond installation.

Burak Pak: Supervisor (together with Peter Cusack). Collaborative and community-focused research ambitions.

Rob: Facilitator - That Might Be Right (Assembly 05/09, Summer School 07/21)

Natacha: Network Building. Software.

Hellekin: “ “

Ariana: PhD Researcher from Brazil in Sonology, and at the moment I’m developing inclusive tools for music making that are online based.

Pacôme & Pierre: Brussels Cartographers with an interest in sound. Wænd. Atelier Cartography. Platform.

Johann: Sound Artist NY.


Introduction + Quest for connection / collaboration on sonic cartography.


Caroline, Johann, (with Burak & Peter as supervisors):

Context: public space development L28, Brussels. Caroline was involved in CRU 03 and Masterplan / Transition GO. Repressive public space interventions, use of sonic arguments.

Tool building - workshops in summer and autumn 18. Acoustic Explorations as part of design and planning, transition processes.

Connection to the railway system:

Hellekin: sonic urban furniture?

Natacha and Ariana: Distributed Sound System

Burak: extend exclusion, MaKing it visible.

Pierre: Not necessarily location based. Moving / Mobility is interesting.

Caroline: Context (Faculty of) Architecture: Design Course / Physical matter. Connecting to a site.

Natacha: in need for some more info / structure on the context of this meeting

Caroline: Open Meeting. Introduction of Projects/Ideas/Agenda. Connection.

Burak: Collaborative and community-focused research ambitions.

Pacôme: reflection on sonic cartography: what can it be? playing with amplification, zoomin in / out,


Rob: TMBR Assembly on Cartography with Caroline, Dearhunter, WAB? 05/19 at KISPAS Studio’s, Vierwindenstraat 62 Rue des Quatres Vents, Brussels

  • TMBR Summerschool: 07/21 - 22 with evening/night walk by Caroline.

Caroline: 06/30 field session with Johann and Giulia Vismara etc.


Thank you for the report!

each time there is a meeting…I can’t come

neither the next time in May!

so thanks again for the report



Invitation for a Fast Acoustic Exploration of the L28 area on July 1st (focus on tool development).
Guest Explorers: @jdiedrick (US) and Giulia Vismara (IT)
Start: 7pm @ entrance of Bxl Midi Train Station, Avenue Fonsny (where you have the stairs to platform 21-22).
End: 10pm @ Bockstael Station.
More info via @clscar

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