Une fois pour TOOT ! A mastodon in Brussels



:ps: now provides a Mastodon instance in Brussels.
We’ll be present at FOSDEM, but not to talk about anonymatons.

Mastodon in Brussels!


S10y stands for .

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Une fois pour TOOT !

We’ve setup a Mastodon instance to provide for a social media alternative to our friends and neighbors.

Are you using corporate social media?

These deprive us and our communities from the freedom to coordinate and act together in contradiction with the corporate values set forth by globalization; and of course, as you already know, they’re part of a global apparatus of surveillance and social control.

Is the network effect what bothers you – the fact ‘everybody is there’? Well, good news is: you can still use these corporate networks as leaves, while moving your social network to an alternative, such as Mastodon.

Wait, what? Social network, social media?

Social networks are us. Social media are our loudspeakers. Social media are the digital vehicle of our social networks – we can change social media. Social networks are what remains between us when there’s no electricity anymore.

Are you already using Mastodon?

Please connect to our members’ accounts to facilitate the federation: following each other will connect the various instances and extend the mesh network. The association’s account is ps@s10y.eu, where we’ll post announcements.

Are you not using any social media?

Congratulations! You’ve found a way to escape global surveillance, information overflow and the anguish it generates. We want to hear about your ways to connect to your social networks without indulging in the digital social media mess.

Support your instance

:ps: provides the Mastodon instance as a service, and we’re aiming to support the cost of running a social medium beyond our own immediate social network. One obvious way to support the instance is to become a member of the association. We’re having a general assembly in March, stay tuned! Another way is to donate specifically to support that instance. You can as well send donations to our bank account as indicated in the about page.


Welcome to the first public Mastodon instance in Brussels.

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Élo, the About page sais: "Use English, French, or Flemish on this instance. Other languages will be excluded."
Should be Dutch instead of Flemish :wink:


Flemish is a national variety of the Dutch language as spoken in Belgium.

That said, if you want to moderate German, @agnez, we can add it to the list!


I could, but I say that only because I hope that there is close to nothing to do!

What does moderating on mastodon mean? Should you follow content actively or only be there for complaints?


I guess that would be for complaints. I don’t see anyone following all contents all the time.



Voici un lien d’invitation pour ouvrir un compte sur https://ps.s10y.eu.

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C’est pour rapatrier @supergeante :wink:



crée, mais vu comme j’utilise mastodon… c’est plus symbolique qu’autre chose!

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