Welcome to the PUBLIC Glossary


A continuously fed glossary of terms relevant to social media, digital technologies, and free technologies.

About the PUBLIC Glossary

Social media and digital technologies are complex transdisciplinary topics spanning a wide range of activities, domains, and disciplines that come with a large number of concepts. The PUBLIC Glossary aims to facilitate understanding of the issues at hand by approaching these concepts and how they relate to each other in a comprehensive way.

The PUBLIC Glossary is a tool to support the PUBLIC agenda to promote a sustainable public digital infrastructure.

How Does It Work?

  • Members of the PUBLIC group can create new topics to register new terms.
    • Members of the PUBLIC observers (Migrators groups) can reply to existing topics.
    • The glossary is available to everyone, but only for reading.
  • Each new topic is a wiki entry that defines this term.
  • Discussion can help improve the definition or contest it, eventually leading to more precise terms.
  • Most appreciated topics will be considered for inclusion in the PUBLIC SMILE project.

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